Join The Village at Falls Festival ’14

Once again, the Village will be the city of art, performance and general tomfoolery hosted by the Falls Festival in Lorne, Marion Bay and Byron Bay.  This year witness The Burt Sausages, Bird Man in Tassie, Dr Professor Neal PortenzaGravity and Other Myths and Wacko & Blotto in Vic and So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance (SYTYCID) at Byron, and many many, so many more.  The Falls festival officially opens to an ongoing procession of vehicles eager to find a fresh patch of grass to setup a temporary utopia from 28th Dec/29th Dec 2014. @Fallsofficial Twit: @Villagefestival Gram: @VillageArtsFestival FB:

The Village Festival Inc.

  • +61 (03) 5473 4426
  • 18 Turner St, Fryerstown, VIC 3451