Australia's touring Arts Festival

The Village

The Village Festival is Australia's oldest touring Arts Festival.
We intimately connect artists and communities to devise temporary playgrounds of uninhibited creativity.


March 16th 2024

Wyndham Festival for Healthy Living

A multi – arts program involving many schools and community groups, who have been exploring positive ideas of community through circus, music, podcasting, dance, drumming and more!

Production House Projects

The Village Festival's mission emphasises cultivating original, accessible art for audiences often overlooked
by mainstream circuits. Striving to foster art created with, by, and for the community, the festival champions modern Australia's diverse spectrum


Food. Performance. Community.

World Kitchen

The World Kitchen’s cooking demonstrations pay homage to home cooks alongside local restaurateurs.
Our skilled hosts delve deep into the origin of the meal being prepared before your eyes.
What results is a hilarious and participatory performance that includes song, dance, tales and more.

Past Events

The Village Festival has reached various communities across the nation, hosting over 59 festivals and executing 31 significant art projects.